what does the airflow control feature on the Kanger Aerotank actually do?

A friend of mine has recently got the aerotank and it looks like a good tank albeit a bit weighty but he was talking about the airflow control feature, and after i asked him what did it do, his only response was “it controls the air flow” which i understood that was the purpose but what benefits does it have if you maximize or minimize the airflow and how does it effect the vape experience?

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The ring on the Aerotank adjusts the size of the airflow hole. With a hole fully open You get insane amounts of vapor and with it fully closed You are up for a biggest and harshest throat hit of Your life. Of course there are many settings in between to adjust it to Your liking. This is airflow control in a nutshell :)


Hi Vapey – so in a nutshell – more airflow = more vapour? 

  1. Yes that is correct. To get even more vapor You can use high VG liquid and low resistance Coils :)

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