How to make a battery last longer?

What are the guidelines to make batteries last longer? I seem to destroy batteries in a month or so. Is is normal and if not how I can make them last more.

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General guidelines when dealing with lithium-ion e-cig batteries are:

  1. Avoid draining battery completly. Ideally You should charge it when it reaches about 40-50% capacity.
  2. Take the battery off the charger as soon as it has finished charing. OVercharging will reduce battery life.
  3. Avoid using USB chargers with wall plugs from mobile phones. They often have no surge protection and may damage the batteries.
  4. Store them fully charged and disconnected from any attachments.
  5. Avoid water, heat, direct sunlight and keep them clean :)

This should help You make them last longer.

  1. Turning the battery off after usage is one way to start. Loads of people just put it back in their pocket without locking the battery and sometimes the battery presses against something and runs the battery low and ruins the atomisers. General common sense really ^_^

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