Are those £1 oils and e-cigs from Pound shops safe?

I keep seeing £1 oils and disposable e-cigs at Poundland etc – are these are a bad choice? I guess they can’t be very good – but are they ok to start out with?

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This one is hard to answer to be honest. There are so many brands and poundshops out there that it is hard to say which brand of liquid they are selling and where it comes from.
Starting with a liquid like this may give You a bad impression of e-liquid and e-cig experience in general and discourage You from using them. That is why I would not reccomend them.

Me personally I dont trust no name liquids as the industry of e-liquid is no unregulated to be sure they have the same safty standards as some major producers with established reputation and products used by milions worldwide.

  1. The quality of the liquid from a cheapy poundshop will be far inferior as opposed to spending the pound or 2 extra for a better quality or higher standard liquid

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