Are the disposable heads like Vapor CE4 worth it?

My girlfriend is a casual smoker. She doesnt want to deal with cleaning, coils and all that fuss. She hates the idea. Do You think she will get decent quality vaping from those disposable heads? They sell Vapor CE4 in a shop where I go. Are they good?

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For somebody just starting out with vaping they may be a good option. Some people are happy with them but when You compare them to more advanced tanks You can clearly see their shortcomings. The main one is hard draw that may be uncomfortable but also more natural for people just switching from analogs. Also their vapor production sucks and taste is not the best either. Due to top coil design and poor quality coil You will there is a lot of dry hits and also they are known to leak. so… Not really recommended even tho a lot of people start from them and then move to something else. If she doesnt like to tinker with things maybe put her on Cartridge base system like Vapestick. She might be better of with it and also they look more girly and stylish :D

  1. I used to think they were good when I used them, handy to have laying about the place as a spare encase of an emergency with my main one had died and I was all outta atomisers. Better to use them on a smaller battery though I think, you get the longevity out of the coil

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